How to cook jelly

In this article, we will look at how to cook jelly from berries and starch, from apples, cherries, currants, milk jelly and others, as well as how much to cook jelly until ready

Kissel was a favorite drink of the Slavs since Ancient Russia, it was brewed from almost any berries and fruits: cherries, currants, cranberries, apples, dried fruits, as well as milk kissels were considered no less delicious.

Now many of us have unjustifiably forgotten the recipes for making jelly, let's remember together how to properly cook jelly


How to cook jelly from starch, basic rules

Which starch to choose? There is rice, wheat, corn and potato starch. Whatever you are told, potato is the perfect choice for this dish. Rice and corn will give the drink a cloudy shade, and wheat is very difficult to find on the shelves of stores

Remember that starch can not dissolve in water, it sits on the bottom, so it is important to stir the drink often during cooking.

Kissel can not be boiled for a long time! As soon as you have added the powder to the syrup, a minute after the start of boiling is enough for the jelly to be ready

The density of the jelly directly depends on the amount of diluted starch, for liquid jelly on 1 liter of water (broth, juice) put 2 tbsp. l. starch without a slide, for thick – 4 tbsp. l.


How to cook jelly from starch correctly

We will need: Water-2 liters; Starch-4 tablespoons for medium liquid or 8 tablespoons for thick consistency; Berries or fruits (any) - 500 grams; Sugar-5 tablespoons or as desired.

How to cook jelly step by step

Berries or fruits are washed and sorted, if necessary, cut into pieces, depending on what you choose for making jelly

In boiling water, we throw pieces of fruit and berries. To make the color of the jelly more saturated, you can separately press the juice from the berries and add it together with the starch


If you want to make the jelly sweet, add sugar, stirring well

Starch is pre-stirred in cool water

Gradually pour into the boiling compote, stirring well, so that the starch does not take lumps

As soon as the jelly began to boil, cook for just a minute and remove the container from the fire


Ready-made jelly can be poured into cups